Boldly Marching Backwards Into the Future!


Hear the trumpets roar and the tigers prance! The Kingfisher is in town!
The finest entertainment ever presented under the big top hat, sure to edify,
mystify, terrify, and clarify. Come fun, come hall, to the talking picture show!
Apparently we’ve been banned from YouTube. FOR LIFE! I guess we were too hot to handle
No explanation was given. Our good looks must have incited the vapors in some viewers. Lawsy!
UNFORTUNATLEY Until we can get the movies loaded onto our servers, most films are down.
The Less Said and Jump Cut

NuGnus: Good Luck Today, Produced by KTP was an award winner at the July Scary Cow Film Festival.

Let Kingfisher Talking Pictures make YOU the life of the film festival.
That’s right, KTP is now offering the skill, the expertise, the cockatrice, and basilism that will make thy film shine!
Take upon thy view that page thus calléd
The Workaday World for more of thus informables.


The change! The growth! The chowth!
In Avril, 2013 The Kingfisher met the
Scary Cow, and a new flight plan took plane.
Since then the bridge between Weast Bay and Est has resulted in much filmishness.
Behold! Some of the many projects to arise:

The Less Said — A drama about an old farmer going for one last drive
Good Luck Today — Now Complete! Produced and mentored by KTP. Award winner at the ScaryCow Film Fest!
Memento Mori — In post-production. A tale of redemption starring the old Kingfisher hisself!
My Life as a Sock — In preprod, starring Sock & Shu, Directed and Mentorated by KTP
EZ PZ and Focus — Two cowprods The old Kingfisher will be acting in


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